Hi! Welcome to my site. I’m Grafo Volaverunt and here I’m going to post my music and a blog where I’m going to track the progress on the stuff I’m working on.

Currently I'm working on 2 projects. The first one is a new song (and it's video): Garden of Secrets, a Symphonic Metal tune that should be finish soon!. The other one it's "Meziel: The little collector" a project from that it's in the works with Salient Abdicant and Michi

Support my work

If you want to support my work first of all Thank you!! You can do it by getting my music trough Bandcamp. Over there you can get all my work for free but if you wish you can name any price you want.

Also, if you enjoyed my music just sharing it helps me a lot. Again, thank you!

Listen to my EP!: TABULA RASA

You can also listen to it on: Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud

Last Updates

  • 9/27/2020 - New entry in the BLOG!
  • 9/25/2020 - Site 100% remade!!

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